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A Proposal for Blue/Green Infrastructure & Public Space

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Kwanza Hall

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Congressman Kwanza Hall is the son of the late Leon W. Hall, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s youngest lieutenant. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an alumnus of Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta.  Hall dedicated the first half of his life to public service in a variety of capacities.

“As individuals and families that have sustained our community economically and socially without the benefits of quality amenities; we are excited to begin dialogue regarding the Chattahoochee Trails & Water Hub on the front-end. The level of engagement extends unprecedented respect coupled with high hopes that have not previously been extended to residents.”
Lifetime Resident of Hollowell Corridor

Chattahoochee Trails Water Hub Map

For years, advocates have pushed for a memorial to the victims of convict leasing at the former Chattahoochee Brick Company, whose burrow pits extend into the Atlanta Industrial Park.

The park weaves together what is largely separated in the built environment — water and community access.

Our Vision

At the confluence of the Chattahoochee River and Proctor Creek, Chattahoochee Trails Water Hub has the potential to become a gold standard for more resilient and equitable public spaces in Metro Atlanta—managing riverine and stormwater flooding through a restored floodplain while providing a valued neighborhood and regional amenity in an area of Metro Atlanta historically underserved by open space.


About Us

Chattahoochee Trails Water Hub Aerial

Park Vision

Three water narratives of flow, use and reuse, and community connection speak to each other through the riverfront.

1. Restoring the Floodplain

Reforming and shaping the floodway can afford space for the river to “breathe” into the site while integrating green infrastructure to filter and naturalize runoff.

2. Use and Reuse

A water reuse hub could serve as an infrastructure backbone to strengthen and diversify resources for the existing community and region.

3. Community Connections

rails connecting the park to the Chattahoochee River system and Atlanta extend through the site, bringing people to the water’s edge.

Chattahoochee Trails Water Hub Aerial
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