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200 Million Gallon / Year System
  • Layered into the future park redevelopment – green infrastructure systems could capture, filter, and naturalize flows to the Chattahoochee River

  • This system could treat existing industrial park flows (640 acres) and I-285 flows (and be designed to mitigate future flows as a Stormwater Master Plan

  • Through Stormwater master planning – the parcel by parcel costs of AIP redevelopment ($80 Million+)  and could be treated in regional systems 

  • Furthermore Roughly 10 acres of I-285 drainage could be mitigated saving roughly $5 million dollar

  • Enhanced Riverland Performance – Integration with park

  • Regional Stormwater Impact – existing and future

  • $60 million in savings that can be leverage into a stormwater credit bank



Goal #2. Block and District Scale Stormwater Masterplan. Read about our Masterplan and integration plans.


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